I’m Carolina… My passion for the world of craftsmanship has encouraged me to launch me with my personal project “Almimakers”. What is not only about designing and selling my almi ballerinas, but also about my blog where I want to share some life experiences.

I hope sharing with all you my progress and see together until where we can go.

This is Alejandro, “the eldest son” he is studying at UPV of Gandía a Degree in Interactive Technologies. He helps me when he can do it, in terms of CSS, HTML, and other programming languages.

This is a project that makes us happy, it has become a meeting point for our family, we even have many meetings in our dining room, but I think her biggest motivation to attend is her sister’s delicious pancakes.

This is Michelle “my little princess”, she is studying for a degree in Multimedia and Digital Arts at the Catholic University of Valencia, her main role in this team is to draw, she is the “caricaturist” and she is the one who is helping me with my logo. We have not yet matured the “corporate image” much, but we are working on it.

Her passion is drawing, especially manga and everything related to her favourite Danish architect Bjarke Ingels.